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Through our modern manufacturing services, we reduce your costs,
and help you gain a competitive edge.

Turn Ideas Into Reality

Make & Quality

FloorPartner has rich experience in accessories manufacturing and technology processing . Our geographical location and surrounding supporting us can meet all materials manfacturing , as well as supporting customization for specific needs of customers .
Our independently developed patented equipment can meet clients' needs from special to customized products. In addition, our professional team of workers has improved our production efficiency and product stability .


Make & Quality

Professional manufacturing experience makes the production more reliable and efficient.


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Our full capabilities ensure accuracy, high-quality work for each order. We have various of quick-turn facilities to complete your OEM orders with a number of processes. These services include the following:

  • Molding capability

Thanks to our professional technicians , all kinds of WPC and SPC molding and display thing can be molding by ourselves . The thing you need to do is just show us your idea, and we make it a reality .

  • Machining Capability

Including turning , milling lathing turn-milling grinding honing bonding tapping etching annealing stamping and other processing centers with both precision tolerances and surface finishes.

  • Pure Raw Materials

We are always thinking the quality of materials determines durability and environmental protection . And what we’ve been doing is use 100% new materials instead of recycle stuff .

Process Quality Control

Make & Quality

Each department of the factory strictly controls the process of each production according to the ISO9001 quality system. We have advanced drawing software and high-performance machining equipments.

We establish a comprehensive and strict quality management system, implement the 6 SIGMA quality plan, support customer service, design, quality, cost control and full on-time delivery, and continuously improve all business processes to lay the foundation for high-quality products.

Machining Accuracy Check

Make & Quality

For the inspection of the machining accuracy of the parts, we carry out strict inspections from different aspects.

Mainly from the following aspects: the inspection of the geometric accuracy of the parts, the inspection of the surface quality, the inspection of the mechanical properties and the inspection of hidden defects.

Consult Your Molding Experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value you need, on-time and on-budget.