How to install skirting

Skirting board is the decorative material that points to the place that installs in the ground and wall to connect a small section of position.The skirting can cover the expansion joints of the ground and the wall to prevent external forces from directly hitting the wall and protect the wall. Secondly, the skirting can also act as a visual balance, making the transition look more natural. Skirting installation is not major renovation project, but also cannot be underestimated.Skirting installation method may vary depending on the material, but the basics of installation are similar.The general process is wall leveling, measurement, preparation of baseboard, cutting baseboard, installation fixed baseboard and so on. The place with big difference of different installation method is different with respect to the method of fixed skirting board, have a plenty of use glue, have a plenty of use nail to fix etc.

The following to install the wooden skirting as an example, look at the construction points of the skirting.
Measuring the length and prepare the material
The length of skirting is fixed, but the length of each block we need is different. So we firstly need to measure the length required by each section.
Cutting skirting
Use a tape measure or pencil measure the length we need for each block, and use tools like a sawtooth to cut the skirting line.
Install skirting
Skirting board installation is generally completed after the ground and wall construction. Before installing the skirting cable, the position for skirting has been reserved. Before installing the skirting, remove the small wooden block in the reserved position, and then clamp the skirting of appropriate length into the reserved seam.
Skirting edge corner processing
We usually use cutting method to process the edge. Cut the corners to a 45 degree angle and make the two pieces fixed. The effect of this kind of processing makes the skirting board of corner position is still natural and beautiful.
Fix skirting
Although the skirting is stuck in the seam, we still need take measure to make it safer. The main tools to fix the skirting is floor nails and hammers. Place the skirting, then nail the floor nails into the skirting board, so that the skirting and the wall fixed connection.

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