Choose Right Stair Treads Dimension to and Paving Method

Now there are many families will be in the interior design of stairs, so now the design and practice of stairs are more concerned about the problem, and size is also an indispensable decoration factor in the process of paving is also very cautious, otherwise, it will be very easy to appear disorder, let’s talk about the stair treads paving method

Stair treads

First of all, it needs to be explained that the normal stair steps are pasted from top to bottom to facilitate the construction (wooden floor construction method is ignored, only ceramic floor or stone step is taken as an example). When the stairs in use are to be pasted with ceramic tiles or stone steps, the construction needs to be divided into two parts and two times to ensure the normal passage!

The basic steps are as follows (take the concrete structure stair foundation as an example)

Cleaning and removing obstacles

Setting out and positioning

Application of water and slurry (plain cement mortar)

Side plate (vertical plate)

Semi-dry mortar leveling

Plain cement mortar pasteboard

Edge mortar compaction

Remove the excess mortar for the next step of the table

Clean and wipe to finish the finish

Repeat the above steps and pastedown continuously

After 36 hours, water shall be applied for curing once

Finally, use the joint sealer for pointing and cleaning.

stair treads dimension

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