Maintenance suggestions for Metal Display Towers

The metal display towers has its durability.In general, daily wear and tear won’t cause too much damage, but that doesn’t mean the metal display rack doesn’t need maintenance. The special nature of its material and technology determines that users should pay attention to some special  suggestions about its maintenance and protection.

1. Maintenance suggestions for outdoor metal display racks


the material selection of metal display rack should be rust and of the features of wear resistance, anti – corrosion, anti – exposure.Generally speaking, in the process of production ,manufacturers have taken into account the characteristics of the outdoor environment, so users only need to identify well-known manufacturers in the time of purchase, do not buy a few unqualified quality on the line. But here are some things you must do:


1.1 The dust removal.


there will be a layer of dust on the surface of the rack over a long time.It will affect the effect of the rack, and lead to the loss of the protective film on the rack. So metal display rack should be wiped regularly, generally with soft cotton fabric wipe as well.


1.2  Moisture.


According to the weather of local place, the rust resistance of the metal display rack can stand the test. In foggy weather, dry cotton cloth is used to wipe the drops off the metal shelves. Every rainy day, the beads should be dried in time after the rain stopped. You must pay attention to the selection of steel model too when buying them.


2. Maintenance suggestions for indoor metal display racks


2.1 Avoidance of bumps.


This is the first point to pay attention to after the purchase of metal display rack, the rack in the process of handling should be managed with care; The place that places rack should be the place that hard thing does not often touched; Once places are chosen, they should not change frequently;The ground on which the display rack is placed should also be kept flat to make the display rack four legs stable. If the display rack is shaken unsteadily, they will be slightly deformed with time, which will reduce the service life of the display rack.


2.2 Cleaning of the dust.


You’d better choose pure cotton knitwear to wipe the surface of rack.Pay attention to the depressions on the shelves and the dust in the emboss.


2.3 Stay away from acids and bases.


Acid and base, which corrode metal, are the “number one killer” of the metal shelf.If the metal rack is accidentally stained with acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as a alkali, soap water, soda water), should be immediately washed clean with water, and then dry with cotton cloth.


2.4 Stay out of the sun.


The position that display rack puts, had better avoid the direct illuminate of sunshine outside the window. The color will change and the paint will fall off  Iron development frame long time to withstand the sun, will make paint color change;The paint layer is dry and cracked, and the metal is oxidized and deteriorated.If encounter intense sunshine and cannot move open frame, can use curtain or shutter to keep out.


2.5 Insulate from moisture.


Indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal value.The display frame should be far away from the humidifier, the moisture will cause metal corrosion, chromium plating, such as film.When the rack is clean, avoid using boiled water to clean the exhibition frame, can use wet cloth to wipe, but do not use running water to rinse.


2.6 Remove rust.


If the frame rusts, don’t sandpaper it. when the rust trace is small and shallow, you can dip in oil by cotton yarn besmear at rust place and wait a moment, wipe with cloth can eliminate rust trace. If the rust has grown larger and heavier, the technician should be called in to repair it.

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