How much do you know about floor display rack?

The floor display rack is also called the display shelf.

According to the characteristics of the floor display rack, we can design the rack with creative LOGO signs that can match the products so that they can display the products in front of the public observably, so as to increase the role of product advertising. Display shelf can display the characteristics of the product in an all-round way with a wealth of accessories, and each component can be recorded live installation, a variety of color matching.

Scope of application.

Display shelf is widely used in construction materials, furnitures plastic products, cosmetics shops, factory products showroom samples,products of  foreign trade companies, such as product display hall, also can be used in business fairs, and can design style, make the product more higher according to the display requirements.

Display shelf, as a marketing carrier, developing with terminal POP advertising. It has the advantages of green environmental protection, convenient transportation, rapid assembly , placed in the sales place, can play a display of goods, convey information, promote the role of sales.

The use of display rack early prevalent in Europe and the United States, conspicuous exquisite design and display products on the shelf has been very common all over the world, widely used in food and beverage, daily chemicals, home appliances, home appliances, building materials, wine and other industries. Many sellers believe that through the display rack (display shelf) can improve the technical level of the enterprise and the sales capacity of the enterprise.In Europe and the United States, display rack (display shelf) is a very high added value of the products, the use of users and manufacturers are also very wide.

Nowadays, some brand companies have utilized display equipment as an integral part in various promotion activities and always achieve satisfying effect for both new product introduction and holiday promotion. Display equipment is of great help to creat holiday atmosphere and promote sales figure.

Classification of display equipment:

1: According to design

(1): Landing Display

(2): Counter Top Display

(3): Hanging Display

(4): Theme Diaply

2: According to material:

(1): Paperboard Display

(2): Metal Display

(3): Organic Glass Display

(4): Synthetic Material Display

3: According to Utility:

(1): Outfit Display

(2): Food&Beverage Display

(3): Lubricating Oil Display

(4): Paint Display

(5): Shelf Display for shopping mall

(6): File Display

(7): Cigarette&Wine Display

Display Equipment Maintenance:

1: The cleaning cloth should be free from extra dust and stain to avoid further pollution of the equipment surface.

2: For caring agent, there are mainly spray wax and cleaning detergent . The former one is intended for vinyl, engineered board display, often with different fragrance. The latter is more suitable for wooden, glass, and laminate board.

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