What’s the advantages of SPC moldings and WPC moldings ?


SPC Molding

High environmental protection ,pollution-free, 0-formaldehyde from raw materials to process

The surface layer is treated by special epoxy resin process and has perfect waterproof performance. The wear resistance level is over 10000 revolutions.

SPC skirting and wooden line can absorb 20 dB noise, suitable for all kinds of places.

Fire-proofing level reaches B1, when leaving the fire will go out ,fire-resistant material is safer.


WPC Molding

Benzene-free products, European environmental standards ,recyclable wood;

Super wearing resistance, no moth & mildew;

Waterproofing performance is good, not easy to deform and expand after damp;

Fire protection level reaches B1 level, self-extinguishing in case of fire. No toxic gas is produced.


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