Do you know SPC moldings and WPC moldings ?

SPC Molding

A kind of material environmental highly elastic material as surface layer and water proof and environmental material base material, which has been developed for many years. It uses super-new material stone powder, super wear-resistant surface layer and blue rebound technology layer composed of soybean fiber and glass fiber as raw materials, used with industry-leading UV epoxy resin process to create wear-resistant surface layer, from raw materials to process 0 formaldehyde.

WPC Molding

WPC, called wood plastic composite, is a kind of composite material made by adding a small amount of chemical additives and fillers to plastics and wood fibers and processing by special mixing equipment. WPC had high environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable use. Greatly reduces the use of wood, and the characteristic of waterproof and moisture-proof can make WPC used in environment which traditional wood products can not be used to.

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