How to choose and match skirting?

The skirting line is a very easy to overlook part in home decoration, because it is very inconspicuous and only takes up a small space. It is undeniable that the skirting line is a very important part, if there is no skirting line or the setting is unreasonable, it will cause unsightly and lack of corresponding functions, so what is skirting? How to choose a skirting? what color it is?

My suggestions are as follows:

1.What is skirting?

It refers to the decorative line specially installed at the corner of the wall to prevent staining the wall. Generally, it is laid with materials such as SPC , WPC and PS

The function of the skirting line is to prevent the wall from being soiled, and to make the combination between the wall and the ground stronger, and reduce wall deformation and avoid damage caused by external force collision

2.How to choose a skirting?

The skirting can be made of the same material as the floor.

3.What color it is?

The first option is to choose the color of the floor, which can be close to the floor or slightly darker than the floor. The effect displayed in this way is more beautiful and generous. This scheme is suitable for most users.

You can also choose a different color from the floor, and you may get unexpected results.

The second option is to choose the color of the door line.

The feature of this scheme is to make the whole room have a consistent tone.

The color of the door cover line is the same or similar to the color of the door, and the color of the door is the main color of a bedroom.

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