Advantages of our moldings

1. Economical and environment-friendly
100% recyclable, 100% without asbestos, formaldehyde, radiation, benzene and other harmful substances.
2. Water proof , moisture proof , fire proof
This product have very good humidity resistance and waterproof .Even long time in humid or water condition, which don’t breed bacteria and don’t transform. The fire resistant is B1 grade.
3. Easy to install and easy cutting with light weight
This product can be installed easily by glue or sticker on any kinds of wall or ceiling. Our PVC moldings with big holes so the weight is much lighter than stone plastic profiles but more stronger and durable than foaming PVC moldings. So save the cost and time. once install can be lived in directly .
4. Customized and many patterns
For this product, we can supply according to customers design or colors. There are many colors and patters to choose.
5. Very stable quality
Our PVC moldings without foaming, the surface is hard and with very sooth and glossy surface. The products is not effected by temperature variation with very strong impact resistance.
6. Durable and ultra-long life
Our PVC moldings is easy to clear. Can be washed by water directly .With strong weather ability ,without bubble ,craze and transformation, with good strength and toughness. Can be used for 20 years as new one.

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