Little moldings, Big difference.

Molding and trim is the adornment line that is set in corners at the floor end cap of the wall that are easy to be polluted by broom, mop or are easy to be kicked by the foot. It commonly uses the material of ceramic tile, stone material, PVC, wood plank and so on to stick , also someone will use cement to wipe directly.

1, Molding and trim can be used to protect the wall, when we mop the floor, the moisture content is relatively large, if without molding and trim, to mop the floor will inevitably dirty wall, this is no doubt.
2, Adults sometimes accidentally kick to the wall , children may also kick the wall as a fun, after the installation of molding and trim it is not easy to be kicked dirty, It’s easier to manage, though.
3, It plays the role of balancing visual effects, molding and door cover, window cover can form a unified vision, making use of linear feeling, and the mutually echo of the materials and colors, can decorate the beauty of the bedroom greatly.
4, Molding can also make up for some of the defects of the wall caused in the process of decoration.
5, It not only can cover the expansion joint between the floor material and metope but also can protect the wall root out of dirty damage, so it is necessary for all the room except the kitchen to install the moldings.
The molding can be divided into the following categories by materials: ceramic molding, glass molding, stone molding, wood molding, PVC molding, aluminum alloy molding, ps polymer molding.
1.Wood molding include hardwood and fiber board type. Hardwood is less prefered for its high price. For both, however, the change of shape should be paid attention to due to temperature and moisture content change.
2: PVC molding is a comparatively cheap replacement to wood skirting. It uses film surface to imitate the wood grain and paint color of real wood. The disadvantage is the film may get off easily and people can tell the unnatural effect easily.
3: Stainless steel molding is costful in price and complicated in installation. But it’s much more durable than any other counterpart and requires little maintenance job. It’s suitable for projects full of modern style.
4: Ceramic or stone molding is quite durable, but might only be applied in rooms where walls are covered with the same material to achieve an unanimous effect.Three, the installation of the moldings:

The moldings of the bedroom is in the lowest part of the wall, from the ground upward 12-15 centimeters, it is one part of the metope adornment, so is the dividing line between the wall and ground, Because close to the ground, easy to be destroyed, also easy to get dirty, the requirements of the ground line must be strong and easy to scrub.
The molding is the outspread of the ground to the wall, the materials that use accordingly should be consistent with the surface of the ground. For instance, some customers use the ceramic tile that is easy to clean, the color must be consistent or close to, if contrast is too big, it can give people the uncomfortable feeling on the vision.
The grain of wood or PVC floor is natural and clean and without pollution, matching easily with other decorations, the moldings with same materia can make a bedroom more sweet and downy. If what spread inside the bedroom is carpet, it is also suitable to use wood or PVC moldings which can give the feeling of comfort and no conflict.
How much height should be set for the moldings? In order to obtain a better visual effect, the setting of the moldings must be based on the proportion and functionality, and the general height of the skirting line is 8-12 cm. If it is lower than 8CM, the proportion is asymmetrical, which cannot create its meaning and visual effect. If it is higher than 12CM, it appears too striking and has the feeling of usurping the host’s role.

In addition to preventing the wall from being soiled, setting the moldings in the house can also make the connection between the wall and the ground stronger, and prevent the wall from being deformed and damaged due to external force collision。At the same time, the moldings should use tiles and stones, etc. It is very easy to scrub, for example, when the owner often mopping the floor, it is easy to splash dirty water on the bottom of the wall, which makes it easier to clean.
The choice of the color of the molding is also according to different places and scene, in general, it can be the same or deeper compared with the ground , so that it will have a contrast that can show the effect, but also should match to the wall and functional areas, for example, The moldings of the kitchen and the bedroom are generally not the same, the bedroom is private space, and the kitchen is mainly for cooking which is easy to be dirty, so in many cases, their colors is different, of course it is not same for big space and small space, the molding of small space should be lower than iits of big space, such as for small space it is 8 to 10 cm,for more large space it is 10 to 12 cm.
So, in household adornment, we must notice the adornment of the molding, It is the place that function and adornment coexist, it is an important place that has visual balance effect, it uses the line shape feeling of itself and the mutual echo of materials and colour to wait to echo each other in indoor, playing a better effect of beautification and decoration.

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